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During the mid-1930s a group called The Ten emerged, including such notables as Joseph Solman, Mark Rothko, Adolph Gottlieb, Louis Schanker, Ilya Bolotowsky and Ben-Zion. The Ten drove a resurgence of modernism and experimentalism in New York that grew during the years going forward. They came to define American Expressionism which offered a link between modernism and socially conscious art. Today the Mercury Gallery shows works from this era onward, including these artists along with others who share a similar philosophy.
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Joseph Solman

Joseph Solman (1909 – 2008) was in the vanguard of Expressionist painters that gained critical notice in New York in the 1930s. He was a founding member of The Ten, a group that included Mark Rothko, Adolph Gottlieb, Louis Schanker, and Ben-Zion.

In the 1940s Solman turned his attention toward the humble objects that inhabited his life. The works he produced using this subject matter, however, were anything but humble and brought him extensive critical acclaim. Arrangement is one such work and comes with an interesting story.

During the wartime 40s artist’s materials were scarce so like many artists Solman used any surface available to paint on. It wasn’t uncommon for an artist to reuse a flat surface like masonite or board by painting on the reverse side. The second piece you see above is a portrait of the artist’s wife Ruth, painted on the flip side of Arrangement… or as Ruth maintained, was it the other way around?

Solman’s works, from paintings to drawings and monotypes, are in collections worldwide, including the British Museum, the Whitney Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum, and The Phillips Collection, among many others

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Joseph Solman


Joseph Solman was in the vanguard of Expressionist painters that gained critical notice in New York in the 1930s and was a founding member of The Ten.

His works are in collections worldwide, including the British Museum, the Whitney Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum, and The Phillips Collection, among many others.

This superb video by 1623 Studios and Heather Atwood explores this fascinating artist’s life and work.

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Mercury Gallery exhibits paintings and works on paper by over thirty established artists, whose work has received international recognition and acclaim. The Gallery emphasizes the important historical and visual link between the 1930s New York expressionist group known as The Ten and its contemporary artists, who share the same philosophy.

In 1994, Mercury Gallery opened on Newbury Street in Boston, and in 2001 a second location was opened in Rockport, Massachusetts, the current gallery location. Amnon Goldman, Director, has vast experience as a gallery owner, a private art dealer in London, designer, teacher and curator.

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